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We are extremely pleased to offer complete accounting service in order to eliminate your burden. All the services are provided with the highest level of quality and professionalism. Our knowledge and experience will be reflected in the services provided by us, where dedicated efforts are invested in order to enhance your profitability and achieve organizational objectives.
Bookkeeping is the most fundamental of all accounting functions. It involves maintaining accurate and updated records of all of your company’s financial activity. This includes bank records, payroll records, purchase and sale records and manufacturing records. Proper bookkeeping makes other accounting functions, such as audits, payroll, and tax preparation, much simpler and less time consuming.
Accounts Receivable
This is the amount due to organization for goods and services delivered or utilized but not yet paid for by customer. This transactions require special attention and careful consideration since it is related with cash flow of the company and has significant impact on working capital. Therefore, great deal of effort should be invested in order to attain expected outcome.
Accounts Payable
Amount of debt payable to suppliers in short term or within a given time period to maintain a healthy relationship with vendors and ensure efficient process of the business to achieve its objectives.. Effective accounts payable management is critical in managing a business’s cash flow because. In addition, proper management will assure smooth run of organization where inventory will be supplied without obstacles.
Payroll is a critical business operations function and payroll involves managing all employee compensation, benefits, and withholdings. Payroll can differ from one pay period to another because of overtime, sick pay, and other variables. We manage your payroll on an ongoing basis, ensuring that all employees are compensated according to their employment agreements and benefit selections.
Financial Analysis
It is advisable to conduct periodic review and analysis of your company’s financial performance. These reviews are typically called audits, and are an important part of regulatory compliance and shareholder disclosure. Moreover, financial analysis can provide valuable insight into your company’s financial health which can help you make sound decisions for the future to drive the business towards success.
Cost Accounting
Cost Accounting is a business practice in which we record, examine, summarize, and study the company’s cost spent on any process, service, product or anything else in the organization. This helps the organization in cost controlling and making strategic planning and decision on improving cost efficiency. Accurate costing will help organizations to determine competitive prices in order to gain advantage over rivals.
Financial Statements
Preparation of these reports will enable organizations to evaluate their position and understand current and future financial capabilities in order to achieve organizational objectives. Financial Statement contains balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and statement of changes in owner’s equity or shareholder’s equity. Furthermore, having profound knowledge about financial stand of the organization will assist to make strong financial and business related decisions.
Budgeting and Forecasting
In today’s highly competitive and fast-moving world, the importance of accurate, wellconstructed and insightful budgets cannot be underestimated. Budgeting, planning and forecasting is a process for determining and detailing an organization's long and short term financial goals. Budgets are also one of the most crucial reports provided each year to owners, directors, lenders and other interested parties, and are used as a measuring stick for the rest of the financial year.
Financial Planning
Financial Planning is process of framing objectives, policies, procedures, programmes and budgets regarding the financial activities of a concern. This ensures effective and adequate financial and investment policies. Financial Planning helps in reducing the uncertainties which can be a hindrance to growth of the company. This helps in ensuring stability and profitability in concern. Moreover, it helps in ensuring a reasonable balance between outflow and inflow of funds so that stability is maintained.
Accounting Software
Accounting software records and manages the everyday transactions of a business. A complete accounting system records and monitors the organization’s income, expenses, assets, liabilities and capital. These recorded transactions then create a ledger account highlighting double entries and generate appropriate reports to make vital and wise decisions by the top management.
Cleanup Accounting Records
Businesses today make numerous transactions everyday day which produces many entries. Chances of error are very high if there is no appropriate accounting mechanism to record error-free transactions. However, monthly clean-up of the accounting book eliminates the errors and avoids last-moment mess. Moreover, reports generated for decision-making will be accurate and error-free.
POS System
A POS system is used to record your business sales and customer payments which allow businesses to keep track of sales and related transactions. Moreover, the software for POS will enable companies to monitor inventory, buying trends, track pricing accuracy and collect marketing data. Customized systems are available to fulfill the requirement of different types of businesses. 

We have more foreign clients than local and most of the resources are allocated for the job of foreign clients. We prefer foreign clients since we have a great deal of experience and technological resources to work from one location to any part of the world. 

We are prepared to deliver any individual services required to you. Also, we will customize the process and methodologies according to your requirement or fit your company needs.

Finance related information is considered highly sensitive and we have strict measures to maintain the confidentiality of your information. Our clients mainly work with us as we uphold the highest level of confidentiality and privacy.

We have a great deal of experience in many accounting softwares where our clients prefer different softwares according to their requirements. Therefore, we work using different accounting platforms like Quickbooks, Xero, Zoho, Sage, wave etc.

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